~ Februari 07, 2009

American Metal Lamb of God is part of the new generation. Music level is very fast, brutal, and more often in the mainstream media a positive track. "I have a dumped-down stereotypes, I think the drop-out" and explain KURISUADORA drummer. However, MASTODON, Meshuggah, and will gradually change the band Slipknot and the like. We have been nominated for Grammy Awards, I think I can visit and round. Overall sound attack, then, smart, surprising song lyrics are often political, "it is not." We do not think anybody, our only suggestion of "Adler said." This is an important opportunity, community, and does not always follow the herd.

When he own criteria, log into the studio to blow from the new album. And musicians to write songs and can not grow if our group is to improve the initial idea and decided "to stop the last note of the song is good.

They ( 'four' major slash including: traffic, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax), Dimmu Borgir, and they shared a picnic and head, with the support of the excavations of the five most-supported and of course act on the right side of the title defender of the faith tour of all the metal finger death punch. "Dimmu, BURAKKUMETARUBANDO first, I'm on tour with them. The singer Dimmu Borgir [Shagrath] that:" We have our

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