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SIKSAKUBUR the first time in the form on 6 July 1996. With the lineup: Andyan Gorust (Drums) - Godel Ade (Guitar / Voc) - Mbenk (Guitar) - Burgenk (Bass). The name is taken from the SK band reject a measure that they play in the grave SEPULTURA which means the band from its debut launch events Underground start to attract the music Lovers DEATH METAL been july september 1996 to start SIKSAKUBUR entry recording studio, called K - 9 resemble the studio songs that poured in an album that was released THE CARNAGE and distributed by EXTREME SOUL PRODUCTION in a cassette & CD. This album gets a positive response from the observer's underground music, especially this album in 1000 sold 500 pieces CD & cassette copy, although the quality of the album is very poor due to lack of studio recording equipment.
Success with its first album in November 2001 SIKSAKUBUR record 9 songs and given 1 (intro) that is poured into the second album BACK TO Vengeance is distributed by ROTTREVORE records in a cassette format, including the sale of this fantastic album in the span of 1 month have sold 750 copies cassette although the very day the recording was less than perfect but better than the first album. SIKSAKUBUR start reaching events in Indonesia, especially to balinese dipulau Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi City & More.

Formation album THE BACK TO CARNAGE and Vengeance is Japra (vocal), Andyan gorust (Drum), Ade godel (guitar), Burgenk (Bass), but after the second album released ADE GODEL resign because of SIKSAKUBUR can not share time with the band, followed BURGENK with a step down from the band because they had to continue the study abroad. This change in position by Andre also a guitarist and REVITOL Yudhi AUTHORITY ex-ducks, with the formation of this SIKSAKUBUR issued three albums to the title EYE CRY this album released and distributed by ROTTREVORE records in CD and cassette format is what makes the album SIKSAKUBUR get more attention from the mass media and electronic. SIKSAKUBUR reaching events event not only underground but only event that is not underground debut of art school to become a headliner in SIKSAKUBUR event this as evidence that DEATH METAL music played by SIKSAKUBUR start get more attention, not only in Indonesia but especially to foreign SINGAPORE and MALAYSIA. Due July 2005 SIKSAKUBUR be a headline event at the metal in singapore.

THE CARNAGE album BACK TO Vengeance and eventually released by record FROM Beyond (Netherlands) is a sub label of DISPLASEDrec one of the major labels in the United States METAL This album is packed into the form of a CD that is distributed not only in the continent but ASIA EUROPE and AMERIKA. > After more than 10 yr in the metal music world SIKSAKUBUR Indonesia has released 4 AlbumPodi namely THE CARNAGE, BACK TO Vengeance, EYE CRY podium and that is also the last album from the drummer as well as the founder of SIKSAKUBUR namely ANDYAN GORUST. However, after experiencing masa2 difficult and the search for the drum, the drummer SIKSAKUBUR get the new freshman [ex-Suffer ALEXANDER.LAST]. However, the problem has not been completed, Bebek Yudi also resigned due to work, but EWIN (Eks, Bloody Gore / COB / Extrasensory) directly replace it. SIKSAKUBUR and were ready to return to the formation of this new.... So WATCH OUT!

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