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Betrayer, the name taken from one of the title track property group metal trash outside, creator was formed in 1991. Initial form, Betrayer music is influenced by many bands who bring a similar kind of music creator, Suffocation, Deicide, NAPALM DEATH, cannibal Corpse and Pantera.
Talent and experience of the music band strengthened by Ndaru (vocal, guitar), Doddy (bass) and Akbar (drum) be incused in many stage-stage underground music around Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Bali, before they were drawn to support the compilation album Metalik Clinic 1 ('98), production Rotorcorp / Musica forces and a song “ bendera kuning”.

Later, after the band that brought a lot of themes injustice, violence and anger in the music recording contract is binding with the Independent Record / Aquarius Musikindo recent album and forces Which Dead ('98) and the Death Penalty (2000), had a personnel change occurs. Ndaru exit from the band and replaced Iik (guitar, vocal) and Garry (guitar). Formation is also the album and supports the Betrayer .

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